Waklert – The Fourth Day of Wakefulness



So this is the fourth day on Waklert brand armodafinil. Today I resisted the temptation to smoke bud until 4 pm. Might not seem like much but it’s harvesting season so there is bud lying around everywhere. When inhaling, I kept my focus to compare my state of mind. It felt smooth. The familiar buzz or pressure coming on. I notice it’s not as clearheaded as I was feeling before.

I find it harder to write today. That’s probably because it is 10 pm now and I just spent hours conversing with another human being, who had also ingested armodafinil.

Doing Duolingo whilst taking Waklert armodafinil.
Set yourself a goal that’s easy to reach.

This is what I wrote at the end of the fourth day of taking armodafinil. I took 150 mg of Waklert brand armodafinil. Half when waking up at 11 am. The other half at 4 pm. In the end I was in my bed, smart phone in my hand, reading /r/leaves at three in the morning, deciding to quit weed for a longer time period. Working on it!

I am on a 6 day streak on Duolingo. Chances are you have already heard about the site. If not, it’s a pretty neat language learning site. Just pick a language and set yourself a small daily goal of 20+ experience and keep going one day at a time.

My current supplement list:

Omega-3 fish oil w/ vitamins A, D and E

Glutamine 750 mg (not sure on this yet)

Vitamin B6 with magnesium

Vitamin B2 (makes the urine yellow)

Zinc gluconate 15-30mg

Armodafinil (4 on/3 off)

 Second day off

The first day off I did not get much done. Today, though, I ported this blog to WordPress. Been tinkering with it all day. I’m excited for a new project that I want to show soon. It is about synaesthesia. No, I do not have it. But is there a way to acquire it? Something like it? Let us find out soon.

You may also notice that this post is in a different format than the previous daily logs. That is because the site is evolving and trying to find its purpose (and so am I). Until next time.