State of my Nootropic Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes

I am an early morning person now, waking up at 5:10 am and laying down for slumber at about 9 pm. I find that I get more done in the early mornings. Chances are that your willpower is low in the evenings and you are more likely to make wrong decisions. In the mornings however, you are fresh and ready to take action. Build habits one by one. Wake up, drink water, work out, take a shower, have breakfast and work on your thing. You will feel good before going to work, don’t have to rush and won’t skip things that are important to you because you are low on energy or willpower.Autumn near my home

I have also successfully quit booze and cigarettes – it has been 1 month since last consuming those. I do sometimes have small cravings for a smoke but I have decided to quit, for life. Even though some studies suggest that, if you quit before you are 30, you have a 2% chance of getting cancer. I hate the smell, the yellowing of teeth and it actually makes me experience more anxiety.

Combining of the senses

I am in the process of further developing a Chrome extension (Synesthetize) that color-codes individual characters – letters and number. This could, based on some studies, induce grapheme-color synesthesia. Link to study.

To our knowledge, this is the first evidence of acquiring letter-color associations through reading in color. Reading in color appears to be a promising avenue in which we may explore the differences and similarities between synesthetes and non-synesthetes. Additionally, reading in color is a plausible method for a long-term ‘synesthetic’ training program.

Color-coded characters

This is something I am experimenting with myself and will release the updated Chrome extension, if there is any interest. Someone recently contacted me with the idea of working together on it and develop a cross-browser extension. Maybe even a synesthetic speed reader.

More supplements are required

While waiting for IDRA-21 to arrive, I placed orders on 50 capsules of 10mg Noopept and 10 film-coated tablets of 5mg Selegiline to try out. I could feel the Noopept last time and want to further explore its effects. I think I will break the Selegiline into 4 pieces and take them sublingually and use the Noopept orally.

On another note, I replaced the low quality fish oil with a higher quality one. It has more omega-3 per serving. One serving has 600mg of EPA/DHA combined. I consume between 600 – 1000mg of EPA/DHA from this day forward.