Nootropil brand Piracetam & Tianeptine

Hey there,

I recently decided to order some Tianeptine Sodium again. I went for a vendor that I had used before ( As far as I remember, the substance I received looked and tasted the same, but the way it affected me was not the same as before.

I guess you are not supposed to get euphoria from it unless you dose too high. Last time I took it I got slight euphoria with a mood boost, so I was open and talkative. Now I feel like it just made me more emotional.

Decided to lay off it, at least until I get a more accurate scale.

Piracetam madness

Tianeptine is not the only thing I ordered. Namely, I made an order for 30 sachets of 2.4g Nootropil brand Piracetam. Including shipping, it cost me about 18€.

What can I say about it? For starters, the taste is nasty (bitter is the best word I can use to explain it) and is masked only a bit by the the taste of oranges (specific to those Nootropil sachets). I have had worse though, Pramiracetam was ugghh… the vilest thing I have taken.

A whole lotta Nootropil Piracetam - 30 sachets of 2.4g
A whole lotta Nootropil Piracetam – 30 (15 x 2) sachets of 2.4g

Now to the effects. First thing I notice is that I tend to max the volume of music, since it seems quieter after just having dosed. The other is the visual side. If you have ever eaten psychedelic mushrooms (or consumed as tea) or used other such drugs, it might feel a bit familiar to you. It is pretty mild, but noticeable. Objects seem sharper, and more beautiful – like the objects seem to have patterns to them.

Music is also a bit more enjoyable on it. This is probably because of the possible manic reactions to Piracetam. I am able to focus on music better, and it gets me pumped up (or affect my mood in other ways).

I took it for about a week straight. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I also thought of quitting my job during this time, and felt very desperate to do so. I did not act on the urge. Recently ran out of modafinil, so it might just be that. Used to take 100-200mg of it almost every day.

What else is new?

Bought myself LG’s 34 inch UltraWide monitor (LG34UC98). I work as a back-end developer mainly writing PHP and JS, and using it has been a very pleasant experience. Plus it has a Thunderbolt2 port, so it works well with my Mac (the cable is not included). Not much content in 21:9 aspect ratio, but watching regular content is nice as well, so it basically doubles as a TV (don’t have one).