N-acetyl Selank for anxiety

February 9 – First days of testing these exotic nootropics have passed. I have not yet noticed any long-term changes (it has not even been that long). I had a pretty intensely weird experience one evening. I have not tried to replicate it. My head felt feverish and I was easily irritated. It could have been the flu acting up at night or the combo of Noopept and others. Noopept in high doses is known to cause one to be easily irritated. Anecdotally, even more so when stacked with SEMAX.

N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and N-acetyl Selank
N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and N-acetyl Selank in the fridge

Selank seems to have anxiolytic effects. I especially notice this when spraying NA-Selank before smoking weed. I am calm yet energized. Combined with NASEMAXA, they make for an interesting combination. It has a slight similarity to what I would call a psychedelic feel. You are in the moment. A bit uncomfortable at first. Visuals seem blurry and sharp at the same time.

February 12 – More days have passed, and I have been taking all three sprays regularly. In small doses (200mcg NA-SEMAX-A and NA-Selank, 3mg of Noopept) they are barely noticeable and not sure if worth the expenditure.

Today is friday, the last work day of the week, and I will be testing higher dosages. I work as a back-end developer, mostly using PHP and MySQL, sometimes help with JavaScript and it’s frameworks. Perfect job to test cognitive enhancers at.

I started off with 400mcg~ of the acetylated and amidated SEMAX. Then I added 400mcg of Selank and 3mg of Noopept. I dosed at about 8:30 in the morning. By 2 pm I did not notice much anymore, and could not even be sure if it had any effect on me earlier.

Spray me with N-Acetyl-SEMAX Amidate

Good news everyone. I got home today and found a note in my postal box. NASEMAXA, NA-Selank and Noopept have arrived from the US.

Package from Ceretropic.com
Package from Ceretropic.com

4:33 pm – one spray of N-acetyl-SEMAX amidate in each nostril, that’s about 200mcg total.

Nearly 20 minutes have passed. Can’t say much about the acute effects of 200mcg of NASA right at the bat. Will try again later with a higher dosage.

4:56 pm – one spray of N-acetyl Selank in each nostril. Total 200mcg~ of NA-Selank.

5:20 pm – I have been feeling pretty calm.

5:35 pm – two sprays of Noopept in each nostril. A total of about 5mg.

25 minutes have passed since the administration of Noopept. Subtle acute effects.

I just smoked some weed. It seems that there is a nootropic effect present. I find it much easier to focus. My short-term memory is not as impaired.

I have used Hydrafinil and, while it might have had an effect of increased wakefulness for a short period (4h~) of time, it did not feel clean. It tasted like a chemical, but was really mild in taste. Incomparable to Pramiracetam or Noopept.

N-Acetyl Semax Amidate, N-Acetyl Selank and Noopept nasal sprays
N-Acetyl Semax Amidate, N-Acetyl Selank and Noopept nasal sprays from Ceretropic.com

The next day

I tried up to 600mcg of NASA last night. I have work today. Hoping this will allow me to test the compounds further.

8:00 am – 100mg of Modafinil

8:20 am – 400mcg~ of N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and 200mcg~ of N-acetyl Selank.

9:00 am – 3mg~ of Noopept.

12:00 pm – 3mg~ of Noopept.

1:40 pm – Not much work today so I came home to work remotely. 300mcg~ of N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and 200mcg~ of N-acetyl Selank.

I smoke weed and take 100mg of Modafinil.

To be continued…

An IDRA-21 Experience and What’s Next

Since I got the flu and nothing better to do, it is the perfect time to experiment with some IDRA-21. What I failed to mentioned in my last post is that I have successfully weaned off of clonazepam. Not really. I just ran out and decided not to get a refill. Wasn’t as hard as I had read, but then again I did not use it for more than a month or two. It made me a very emotional person when under the effects. Did not like it.

1:10 PM – I take a tablet 10mg of IDRA-21.
2:40 PM – I take another 10mg of the ampakine drug, and 200mg of magnesium, in the form of diglycinate.

7:03 PM – I have a headache. Can’t say it’s from the ampakine. Might just be from the eyestrain of staring at the screen of my laptop. I will have to test further on another day.

The next day

That was a mighty fine headache I got yesterday. Luckily an OTC pain reliever was enough to rid me of it. I woke up feeling fine, but as the day progresses I get the same flu-type feelings as yesterday. It peaks at night and resets in the morning.

Current stack

I currently use the following substances in pursuit of increased work satisfaction and productivity.

  • Modafinil – 100mg in the morning, rarely 200mg when sleep deprived
  • Magnesium – 200mg to 400mg per day of magnesium diglycinate
  • Melatonin – 1mg before bed
  • Zinc – occasional 15mg zinc diglycinate tablet

Future stack

I have ordered the N-acetyl SEMAX amidate, N-Acetyl Selank and Noopept nasal sprays from Ceretropic. Hoping it will all go well, without the customs hassle ordering from US to EU.

Favorites so far

I have tried a considerable amount of substances that could classify as nootropics. I will try to list most of them and highlight my favourites or the one’s I would like to try again.

Tianeptine from eBay
Packaging of the Tianeptine I bought on eBay
  • Huperzine A 1% extract – enhanced visual memory, very noticeable, easy to overdose
  • Pramiracetam – emotionless, would like to try again
  • Noopept – focus, long-term memory
  • Piracetam – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Oxiracetam – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Armodafinil – holy cow! wide awake for too long, feel no need for sleep for a long amount of time at 75mg
  • Modafinil – just the right amount of wakefulness for the right amount of time at 100mg
  • IDRA-21 – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Sulbutiamine – did not get any noticeable acute effects
  • Ashwagandha – I find it made me feel more emotions, no effect on anxiety
  • 5-HTP – no noticeable acute effects, mydriasis
  • L-tyrosine – fast tolerance, subtle effects
  • Mucuna Pruriens – very slight euphoria, was not useful
  • Tianeptine –  the sodium form works well, euphoric