Selegiline and It’s Unexpected Arrival

Unexpected products

I did not expect to receive the Selegiline and Noopept before IDRA-21. But here they are, and with a couple of unexpected additions (thanks, Nootropics Mall!). They added in an extra sheet of Piracetam AL and Piracebral, both 800 mg. I tried one, along with a capsule of Noopept, last night since I have not noticed any sleep disturbances with them before.

Selegiline, Noopept and more

This morning I proceeded to take a single tablet of Piracetam and a 10 mg capsule of Noopept. About an hour after, I took this day’s Lumosity workout, as someone suggested on Google+ that I keep track of my cognitive function and its possible climb (or descent) on it. There was no effect that I was aware of, but here are my results.

Lumosity after Noopept
After Noopept & Piracetam
Lumosity before Noopept
Before Noopept & Piracetam

I refrained from taking Selegiline before finishing Lumosity as to not skewer the results. I took a pill of 5 mg Selegiline, broke it in four pieces and took about 1,25 mg sublingually. It did not take long, about 10 minutes, until I felt different. It is hard to label these effects as of now, but I will try nevertheless.

Initial effects of Selegiline

Effects that I have noticed upon two days of dosing. Someone noted that the cognitive effects develop fully by 2 weeks.

Selegiline tablet Jumex

October 7 – The first day I took 1,25 mg, sublingually, in the morning and the afternoon and 2,5 mg orally. That’s a total of 5 milligrams. First sublingual dose of the day definitely had a noticeable effect.

October 8  – Today, I started with 2,5 mg sublingually and 5 mg orally with food and fish oil. Selegiline is fat soluble and taking it with fatty food increases oral bioavailability. Also ate two handfuls of cocoa nibs and took a few drops of Rhodiola rosea extract.

  • strange feeling of slight stimulation (?) / very slight euphoria (?), mood boost
  • time speeds up / you get focused / lose yourself
  • enhanced music appreciation

Where Are You, IDRA-21?

There is no sign of IDRA-21 as of yet, I’m afraid. It shipped 6 days before the Selegiline and Noopept, from a closer country. This could be a problem of either the site I ordered it from, its country’s postal service or my country’s customs.

I will keep you posted.