IDRA-21 Reversing Memory Deficits


I recently stumbled upon a new and exotic nootropic belonging to the ampakine class – IDRA-21. Of course, me being impulsive as usual, rushed into ordering 40 tablets of it for myself. Costly. To be honest, I did do some research beforehand.

Fight against alprazolam with IDRA-21?
Alprazolam (commonly known as Xanax)

There have been no clinical trials on humans but it shows nootropic effects in animals by appreciably improving learning and memory and reversing cognitive deficits induced by a drug (alprazolam – commonly known as Xanax) used for treating anxiety and panic attacks.

Studies on monkeys show that IDRA-21 is about 10-fold more potent than aniracetam in reversing learning deficits induced by alprazolam. This interests me because I use both alprazolam and clonazepam every once in a while. Not very smart of me, I know.

Purported effects of IDRA-21

  • improves learning and memory
  • reverses cognitive deficits caused by alprazolam
  • effects lasting up to 48 hours
  • exacerbates excitotoxicity during stroke

What I want to reach

Most supplements, especially the bioavailable forms and newer nootropics, cost a considerable amount of money. This is why my stack is so empty and basic. Now that I am going to study software development at school, I am looking to add and refine my stack.

The effects I am aiming for are the following:

  • improved focus (thinking Noopept)
  • improved memory (IDRA-21?)
  • improved self-control (something dopaminergic?)
  • improved wakefulness (Rhodiola rosea?)
  • reduced anxiety (clonazepam)

The lonely stack I have now

  • magnesium diglycinate (400 – 600mg per day)
  • zinc diglycinate (15 – 30mg per day)
  • vitamin C (500mg every other day)
  • a low quality fish oil with vitamin D, A and E

I am looking to replace the fish oil with a higher quality one I found that gives a dose of 600mg of EPA/DHA per serving. I will let you know once I receive the IDRA-21 and how it affects me, keeping a more detailed and less frantic log than I did with my earlier self-experiments.