Can you learn Synesthesia and how?

testGrapheme-color or colored grapheme synesthesia is a form of synesthesia in which an individual’s perception of numerals and letters is associated with the experience of colours.

Can you learn synesthesia?

This study has documented a case of synesthesia in which synesthetic associations could be traced back to colored refrigerator magnets. Reading in colour thought to be a plausible way of learning synesthesia. According to this study, reading one book (consisting of more than 49000 words) was enough to induce some of the effects that act as behavioural markers for it.

How to learn synesthesia?

By reading in colour. With the Chrome extension I made by forking Synesthetize. Create your own associations or use the preset colours.

What do you need?

  • Google Chrome
  • The extension – Download

How to use this?
1. Extract the folder somewhere. You need to find this later.
2. Go to chrome://extensions/
3. Make sure you have “Developer mode” enabled in the top right corner.
4. Click “Load unpacked extension…”
5. Find and select the extracted folder.
6. You’re good to go. Enjoy! (or not)

How text looks like with the Chrome extension

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