Pramiracetam and Nootropics

Summarized history

It has been about 3 years since my last blog post, which was about warts (I know, yuck!) ūüôā Well they haven’t bothered me since I started the¬†zinc supplementation 3 years ago, if I stop taking it for a while I get the usual zinc deficiency sign of white spots on my nails. I haven’t gone further than that, since I don’t enjoy the acne flare-ups I start getting.

Now, only zinc deficiency? Unlikely. Soon after I started supplementing zinc I found out that it’s very likely that I have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. This probably caused malabsorption issues. I now eat a gluten-free diet, which has solved some of the problems for me.
I suffer mild acne. When I upped the zinc dose to 15 mg tablets 2-3 times a day, I noticed continual improvements. Also stopped touching my face that much – still have some mild anxiety/OCD issues. Vitamin D seems to help with the dryness and flare-ups as well. I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis (SD) by a dermatologist, she gave me some kind of steroidal cream that worked but it was expensive and had scary side effects. I don’t have the symptoms of SD anymore.

Day 1 of Pramiracetam

The idea of nootropics and cognitive enhancement has always aroused me (I mean improved memory and what-not, count me in). So I’ve consumed tons of scientific and anecdotal evidence and finally got around to ordering some.

My previous supplement stack:

– zinc, 15 mg (2-3 times a day)

– vitamin D3, 790 IU (4+ capsules a day = 3160 IU+)
– ALCAR, 750mg+ (2 times a day)
– vitamin B complex (occasionally)
– Alpha Lipoic Acid (occasionally)


– pramiracetam monohydrate
– choline bitartrate
– (myo-)inositol
– huperzine A
– fish oil
I haven’t decided on exact dosages yet and I will start trying them out and playing around with them to optimize the effects.

Day 1 log

  • Dosed 750mg~ ALCAR in a smoothie (bananas, yoghurt, blueberries, peanut butter, sea buckthorn oil, a bit of cold water and ALCAR, yum!)
  • Dosed 200mg~ inositol powder, dumped it in water, swirl, gulp, tastes very mildly sweet.
  • Dosed 15mcg~ huperzine A.


  • Ate a nice meal.
  • Dosed 200mg~ choline bitartrate powder, smells fishy.
  • Dosed 200mg~ inositol.
  • Took 2 enteric coated fish oil soft gels (total 600mg Omega-3 fatty acids)
Powdered pramiracetam on a spoon.
Pramiracetam on my spoon
  • Dosed 300mg~ pramiracetam, dissolved in sea buckthorn oil. Well, f*ck¬†this is bitter. It’s like when you break a dandelion stem and taste the milky substance except this powder is like a darn extract of it. Spent a few minutes washing it down with tomato juice, yoghurt and peanut butter.
  • Mild head tension that feels like it might develop into a headache, nothing else that is significant. Gonna up on choline and inositol soon.
  • Dosed 600mg~ choline, 400mg~ inositol, 750mg~ ALCAR in a tasty smoothie. Feel a bit tired and strange right now, gonna wait it out.
  • Didn’t get much better but didn’t seem to get worse either.
  • Took vitamin B complex (that has low choline & inositol, both 50mg). Haven’t got a headache yet, feel pretty tired.
  • Yawn. Dosed 2 fish oil soft gels (600mg of Omega-3).
  • Not as tired. Eyes are a bit sore but yesterday I got to sleep an hour later than I’m used to, I have a strict sleeping schedule (awake 7:30-23).
  • Took 1 fish oil capsule.
  • Parachuted 100mg~ pramiracetam.
  • Not tired. Haven’t noticed much except some short strange moments I can’t explain yet.
  • Dosed 400mg~ choline and 800mg~ inositol.
  • Getting ready for sleep.
Summary of day 1:¬†Overall it was quite uneventful, I did feel some mild effects that were fluctuating between tiredness and feeling good (choline & inositol), felt some head tension. And then there was some sort of weird tiredness or total relaxation with what appeared to be a slight color distortion and hyperfocus. It must’ve only been for like 10 minutes. We’ll see what day 2 brings, I’m thinking of skipping huperzine for a while and only take it occasionally.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Getting rid of warts

Make the Warts go, Zinc!

A year or two back I got a wart on my finger, it spread onto 9 of my fingers. Soon enough I had 2 on my feet too. I tried a lot of commercial products meant for removing warts but didn’t get any help from them, instead they only caused pain from the salicylic acid, freezing them, etc.

Foods high in zinc might help you against warts.
Zinc is an essential mineral.

Just as¬†I thought that I would never be getting rid of warts, I started taking zinc supplements, without a reason or goal in mind. After taking it for roughly¬†2 weeks, I noticed that the warts had a lot of tiny dark red spots inside them, like little scabs. Soon enough, the warts became loose and started flaking¬†off. It was mysterious, for I didn’t know that it was zinc, that was helping me.


Examples of foods high in zinc include oysters, beef and spinach.

I searched for scientific articles on it¬†and was amazed to find that there had been research on zinc‘s effect on warts in 2002, and that it was mostly successful.

Quote from the study:

“In the zinc-treated group, 20 of 23 patients (86.9%) had complete disappearance of warts after 2 months, and 14 (60.9%) had complete disappearance of warts after 1 month.”

You should also note that the side-effects mentioned occured because they took a lot of zinc (10 mg/kg of body weight/day, to a maximum of 600 mg/day):

“Side effects of zinc included nausea in all patients, vomiting in 21.7%, and epigastric pain in 13%. These side effects were mild and transient and did not necessitate stopping treatment.”

They took 10 mg/kg of body weight/day, to a maximum of 600 mg/day, I take 15 mg (if you are unsure, you should consult a doctor/physician on how much you should take, I haven’t had any of the side-effects)¬†every night right before I go to sleep. And yes, I still take them today cause they have a lot of other benefits to your health.

“Zinc is very important to the human body. It is an essential trace element that is vital for growth and development. Zinc is instrumental in immune response, brain function and the ability to reproduce. There is also conflicting data suggesting that zinc supplements might be able to reduce symptoms of the common cold.”

Anyway, I would recommend buying zinc supplements, they’re cheap and should be available in every pharmacy or supplement store.

What really confuses me is that dermatologists to this day only offer you painful and costly treatments for warts, which might not work at all. If you haven’t tried it, you should. I hope it works for you too, comments and suggestions on other topics are welcome.