An IDRA-21 Experience and What’s Next

Since I got the flu and nothing better to do, it is the perfect time to experiment with some IDRA-21. What I failed to mentioned in my last post is that I have successfully weaned off of clonazepam. Not really. I just ran out and decided not to get a refill. Wasn’t as hard as I had read, but then again I did not use it for more than a month or two. It made me a very emotional person when under the effects. Did not like it.

1:10 PM – I take a tablet 10mg of IDRA-21.
2:40 PM – I take another 10mg of the ampakine drug, and 200mg of magnesium, in the form of diglycinate.

7:03 PM – I have a headache. Can’t say it’s from the ampakine. Might just be from the eyestrain of staring at the screen of my laptop. I will have to test further on another day.

The next day

That was a mighty fine headache I got yesterday. Luckily an OTC pain reliever was enough to rid me of it. I woke up feeling fine, but as the day progresses I get the same flu-type feelings as yesterday. It peaks at night and resets in the morning.

Current stack

I currently use the following substances in pursuit of increased work satisfaction and productivity.

  • Modafinil – 100mg in the morning, rarely 200mg when sleep deprived
  • Magnesium – 200mg to 400mg per day of magnesium diglycinate
  • Melatonin – 1mg before bed
  • Zinc – occasional 15mg zinc diglycinate tablet

Future stack

I have ordered the N-acetyl SEMAX amidate, N-Acetyl Selank and Noopept nasal sprays from Ceretropic. Hoping it will all go well, without the customs hassle ordering from US to EU.

Favorites so far

I have tried a considerable amount of substances that could classify as nootropics. I will try to list most of them and highlight my favourites or the one’s I would like to try again.

Tianeptine from eBay
Packaging of the Tianeptine I bought on eBay
  • Huperzine A 1% extract – enhanced visual memory, very noticeable, easy to overdose
  • Pramiracetam – emotionless, would like to try again
  • Noopept – focus, long-term memory
  • Piracetam – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Oxiracetam – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Armodafinil – holy cow! wide awake for too long, feel no need for sleep for a long amount of time at 75mg
  • Modafinil – just the right amount of wakefulness for the right amount of time at 100mg
  • IDRA-21 – did not get any noticeable accute effects
  • Sulbutiamine – did not get any noticeable acute effects
  • Ashwagandha – I find it made me feel more emotions, no effect on anxiety
  • 5-HTP – no noticeable acute effects, mydriasis
  • L-tyrosine – fast tolerance, subtle effects
  • Mucuna Pruriens – very slight euphoria, was not useful
  • Tianeptine –  the sodium form works well, euphoric

IDRA-21 Not for Me, Back on Modafinil

IDRA-21 disappoints

I am aware that a lot of time has passed since my last post, but I am back… again. I ended up receiving double the amount of IDRA-21 tablets. Yup. Either the nootropics store, Intellimeds, made a mistake and forgot about me or the original package got lost during transit. They made up for it.

IDRA-21 package
IDRA-21 packaging from Intellimeds

My thoughts on the substance so far are not very positive. The effects seem subtle, and not what I am looking for. I feel like it makes me more emotional. Each tablet supposedly contains 10mg of IDRA-21. I have not taken more than 20mg in a single dose. I am going to test it a bit more and go up to 30mg. If you have decided to try it as well, I would advise starting with a dosage as low as 5mg. Work your way up.

Modafinil is one of my pillars

Ordered a total of 100 tablets of 200mg Modalert. I work as a backend developer (PHP & MySQL) for a media agency and I find Modafinil a very useful tool. It helps me focus on a task for an extended amount of time. I

took it every day for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to take some days off now. I am not on Modafinil at the time of writing this post, because it is Saturday and I have managed to get the flu. Yeah, gotta rest and consume a lot of fluids, but I decided to update the blog for you anyway. Oh yeah, I take half a pill and very very rarely the whole 200mg.

Modalert I received from ModafinilBank
Modalert I received from ModafinilBank

If you managed to make it this far, then congratulations, and thank you for reading. I have no idea if anyone actually reads this because I have not gotten any feedback.

What else? I have been able to experiment with Tianeptine in the meantime. This was after I had received the benzothiadiazine-based IDRA. I found a vendor on eBay and took the plunge. I really liked Tianeptine Sodium, but the Sulfate version was a dud for me. I did not notice much from the Sulfate except slight feelings of discomfort. The Sodium, however, was awesome. You get this mild euphoria every time you dose. Pretty useful for social encounters. To keep it up you have to dose every 3-4 hours. The recommended dosage is 12.5mg, taken 3 times daily.

Selegiline and It’s Unexpected Arrival

Unexpected products

I did not expect to receive the Selegiline and Noopept before IDRA-21. But here they are, and with a couple of unexpected additions (thanks, Nootropics Mall!). They added in an extra sheet of Piracetam AL and Piracebral, both 800 mg. I tried one, along with a capsule of Noopept, last night since I have not noticed any sleep disturbances with them before.

Selegiline, Noopept and more

This morning I proceeded to take a single tablet of Piracetam and a 10 mg capsule of Noopept. About an hour after, I took this day’s Lumosity workout, as someone suggested on Google+ that I keep track of my cognitive function and its possible climb (or descent) on it. There was no effect that I was aware of, but here are my results.

Lumosity after Noopept
After Noopept & Piracetam
Lumosity before Noopept
Before Noopept & Piracetam

I refrained from taking Selegiline before finishing Lumosity as to not skewer the results. I took a pill of 5 mg Selegiline, broke it in four pieces and took about 1,25 mg sublingually. It did not take long, about 10 minutes, until I felt different. It is hard to label these effects as of now, but I will try nevertheless.

Initial effects of Selegiline

Effects that I have noticed upon two days of dosing. Someone noted that the cognitive effects develop fully by 2 weeks.

Selegiline tablet Jumex

October 7 – The first day I took 1,25 mg, sublingually, in the morning and the afternoon and 2,5 mg orally. That’s a total of 5 milligrams. First sublingual dose of the day definitely had a noticeable effect.

October 8  – Today, I started with 2,5 mg sublingually and 5 mg orally with food and fish oil. Selegiline is fat soluble and taking it with fatty food increases oral bioavailability. Also ate two handfuls of cocoa nibs and took a few drops of Rhodiola rosea extract.

  • strange feeling of slight stimulation (?) / very slight euphoria (?), mood boost
  • time speeds up / you get focused / lose yourself
  • enhanced music appreciation

Where Are You, IDRA-21?

There is no sign of IDRA-21 as of yet, I’m afraid. It shipped 6 days before the Selegiline and Noopept, from a closer country. This could be a problem of either the site I ordered it from, its country’s postal service or my country’s customs.

I will keep you posted.

State of my Nootropic Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes

I am an early morning person now, waking up at 5:10 am and laying down for slumber at about 9 pm. I find that I get more done in the early mornings. Chances are that your willpower is low in the evenings and you are more likely to make wrong decisions. In the mornings however, you are fresh and ready to take action. Build habits one by one. Wake up, drink water, work out, take a shower, have breakfast and work on your thing. You will feel good before going to work, don’t have to rush and won’t skip things that are important to you because you are low on energy or willpower.Autumn near my home

I have also successfully quit booze and cigarettes – it has been 1 month since last consuming those. I do sometimes have small cravings for a smoke but I have decided to quit, for life. Even though some studies suggest that, if you quit before you are 30, you have a 2% chance of getting cancer. I hate the smell, the yellowing of teeth and it actually makes me experience more anxiety.

Combining of the senses

I am in the process of further developing a Chrome extension (Synesthetize) that color-codes individual characters – letters and number. This could, based on some studies, induce grapheme-color synesthesia. Link to study.

To our knowledge, this is the first evidence of acquiring letter-color associations through reading in color. Reading in color appears to be a promising avenue in which we may explore the differences and similarities between synesthetes and non-synesthetes. Additionally, reading in color is a plausible method for a long-term ‘synesthetic’ training program.

Color-coded characters

This is something I am experimenting with myself and will release the updated Chrome extension, if there is any interest. Someone recently contacted me with the idea of working together on it and develop a cross-browser extension. Maybe even a synesthetic speed reader.

More supplements are required

While waiting for IDRA-21 to arrive, I placed orders on 50 capsules of 10mg Noopept and 10 film-coated tablets of 5mg Selegiline to try out. I could feel the Noopept last time and want to further explore its effects. I think I will break the Selegiline into 4 pieces and take them sublingually and use the Noopept orally.

On another note, I replaced the low quality fish oil with a higher quality one. It has more omega-3 per serving. One serving has 600mg of EPA/DHA combined. I consume between 600 – 1000mg of EPA/DHA from this day forward.