N-acetyl Selank for anxiety

February 9 – First days of testing these exotic nootropics have passed. I have not yet noticed any long-term changes (it has not even been that long). I had a pretty intensely weird experience one evening. I have not tried to replicate it. My head felt feverish and I was easily irritated. It could have been the flu acting up at night or the combo of Noopept and others. Noopept in high doses is known to cause one to be easily irritated. Anecdotally, even more so when stacked with SEMAX.

N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and N-acetyl Selank
N-acetyl SEMAX amidate and N-acetyl Selank in the fridge

Selank seems to have anxiolytic effects. I especially notice this when spraying NA-Selank before smoking weed. I am calm yet energized. Combined with NASEMAXA, they make for an interesting combination. It has a slight similarity to what I would call a psychedelic feel. You are in the moment. A bit uncomfortable at first. Visuals seem blurry and sharp at the same time.

February 12 – More days have passed, and I have been taking all three sprays regularly. In small doses (200mcg NA-SEMAX-A and NA-Selank, 3mg of Noopept) they are barely noticeable and not sure if worth the expenditure.

Today is friday, the last work day of the week, and I will be testing higher dosages. I work as a back-end developer, mostly using PHP and MySQL, sometimes help with JavaScript and it’s frameworks. Perfect job to test cognitive enhancers at.

I started off with 400mcg~ of the acetylated and amidated SEMAX. Then I added 400mcg of Selank and 3mg of Noopept. I dosed at about 8:30 in the morning. By 2 pm I did not notice much anymore, and could not even be sure if it had any effect on me earlier.

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